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What is roll in a box mattress ?

2019-08-09 1933

It is an  unbelievable thing that a mattress can roll in a box in the past .

But now for mattress business ,it is a must for anyone in the mattress business .If you do not have a roll in box mattress in your product list ,then you will have no place in the market  .

Whether you are wholesaler ,retailer or online business man .Roll in a box mattress  is a must for your business as to below advantages .

Firstly ,roll in box mattress is convenient for delivery and transportation . It is obvious that roll in box mattress is small volume as to compression package .This greatly reduce your delivery cost on labor and storage .

Secondly ,roll in box mattress can have your logo and brand on the box .

Last but not least ,roll in a box mattress is more suitable for easy buy on internet . With technology  developing ,it provides people more convenience by online shopping . Many people join in this business by opening its own website .But Traditional mattress which is very big on volume can not just suit this trend as to  high delivery fee . So how to deal with it ? The answer is Roll in a box mattress .