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  • CIFF--Booth 12.2D08,Guangzhou China
    CIFF--Booth 12.2D08,Guangzhou China
    2024-03-04 51

    The Furniture show is scheduled to be held at MAR18-21,2024,and our booth number is 12.2D08.

  • How often should you replace your mattress?
  • Is memory foam good for your back?
  • Order custom mattress online from Kaneman
    Order custom mattress online from Kaneman
    2023-09-26 182

    In recent years, the mattress industry has witnessed a significant shift towards customization, allowing consumers to tailor their sleeping experience to meet their specific needs. As a leading mattress factory, we are excited to announce that we have embraced this trend and are now offering customizable mattresses. Additionally, we welcome wholesale distributors to partner with us to bring these innovative products to a wider audience. In this article, we will also introduce two of our latest mattress models that have been receiving rave reviews.

  • 0% Anti- Tax for Canada buyers
    0% Anti- Tax for Canada buyers
    2022-10-06 501

    Recently, there was an important international news, which is also good news for Canada clients.

    The event is concerned for long time that the mattress trade war between China and Canada has finally brought new news and results on October 5, 2022 on whether Canadian buyers need to pay for high anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties when importing in China or not.
    The answer is confirmed for Canada clients.

    Zero tax is what XIANGHE KANEMAN FURNITURE LIMITED company can offered.

  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Kids' Beds
    Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Kids' Beds
    2022-07-26 537

    Children are not only the future for the motherland, but also the hope of the country future.

    Therefore, their healthy growth is of great significance.
    In order to provide children with a comfortable and healthy rest mattress, we have designed several new models for kids recently. The following focuses on these two with memory foam mattress roll up in box.
    The best option for kids bed mattress of 2022 is coming!