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China factory vacuum compress mattress

2019-08-09 4026

As we all know ,traditional mattress which can not be compressed is very huge in volume .It needs at least two people to delivery and a big space to store at warehouse and a big volume to transport at container on the ship .This caused a very high cost and price on the mattress you are selling which may cause a less sales in the market .Now you have a new choice at Kaneman Mattress .

Today with technology developing ,we can compress various kinds mattresses to a very tiny volume .This greatly reduce the cost and space on your delivery and storage .

At KANEMAN ,we offer you various kinds compress package solutions .Either flat compress on pallet ,or vacuum roll compress in handbag ,carton box ,color box ,etc .

If you have a logo and brand ,we also can print them on the box which is helpful for your brand advertising in the market .This is a small step but can make a big difference for you and your brand .

Kaneman Mattress has over 12 years experience in mattress compression ,and we are strict on the materials quality .So it is 100% safe for you to buy a compressed mattress here at Kaneman .

Choosing us makes you a big difference in the market .