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Premium mattress materials offer you one healthy night’s sleep

2019-08-09 3908

Whether a mattress good or not ,we do not just judge by  the price high or low ,the mattress new or old .We need to check if it is well assembled with good materials or not .

KANEMAN MATTRESS can ensure you every piece mattress we produced is safe and healthy  from inner core to the out cover .

All fabric and upholstery foam used is strictly comply to the international standard of materials industry ,like OEKO-100 for fabric ,REACH REPORT for foam ,etc.

We use a lot health concerned materials like bamboo fabric ,aloe vera fabric ,tencel fabric which is healthy and breathable for skin and body  .More functional materials like anti-bacteria,anti-mites are widely used in our mattress series.With technology developing ,we bring more advanced materials which is healthy to sleeping like charcoal latex ,charcoal memory foam ,green tea memory foam ,green tea latex .With time going on  ,we are still striving for a better mattress to offer you one good night’s sleeping environment .

Mattress is  used at many  places ,whether you use at home for family members or you use at hotel or motel for your customers .A safe and healthy mattress always make people happy and enjoy the night’s sleeping .

So pls  join us , become  a member of   kaneman  mattress and enjoy healthy sleeping by today !